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Keeping Solar Simple

Whether you’re a thriving enterprise or an individual seeking sustainable energy solutions, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Specializing in solar solutions for the transportation industry, Kings Solar Solutions goes beyond to also offer tailored options for all mobile applications

Is solar a mystery to you?

Let us make is Simple!
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Technology and Innovation

We tirelessly explore the global landscape in search of cutting-edge solar technology, ensuring a harmonious blend of environmental sustainability and unparalleled performance. Our commitment to continual improvement drives us to enhance both our products and processes, leveraging remarkable efficiency and innovation.

Fleet Solar

Whether you’re managing a fleet of semi-trucks or nimble delivery vans, our solar solutions offer substantial savings across fuel, labor, taxes, and battery maintenance. Harnessing the power of the sun not only extends the lifespan of your batteries, minimizing replacements and costly breakdowns caused by discharge issues, but also provides energy for various components, including your EV, APU, lift-gate, reefer, starter batteries, and beyond. Elevate your fleet efficiency with solar innovation.